The Chola Heritage film

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From the Government of India, Ministry of Information, Films Division.

The film highlighting the Dravidian temple architecture and bronze sculpture which attained the creative pinnacle during the rule of the Cholas in the 10th and the 11th centuries.

Cholas were great temple builders. The temple of Vijayalaya Cholesvara is one of the finest examples of the early Chola style.

The temple of Nagesvara at Kumbakonam is remarkable for the sculptures found in the niches of its outer walls.

The Brihadesvara temple at Thanjavur is a landmark in the evolution of building art in India. Among several such unique temples, Tribhuvanam is the last important temple belonging to the Cholas. Besides temple architecture, the bronze sculpture of the Cholas holds a unique place in the field of art. One of the most important and famous of all Hindu icons, that of the cosmic dance of the Nataraja is intimately associated with the Chola bronzes.

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